A Funny Little Guy


As I was putting my daughter into her car seat the other day, she turned to me and said, “Daddy’s a funny little guy” and then laughed. Then she said “Daddy’s a cute little guy”. I’m not sure how accurate either quote really is, but it made me smile.

For about the past week, my daughter has been waking up crying at 2:30 AM. We try to let her “cry it out”, but that really doesn’t work anymore. Plus it’s SOOOO difficult to ignore cries of “Daddy holdie”, “Mommy holdie”, “Daddy open door”, “Mommy open door”. The worst was two nights ago when I finally went in and she was attempting to put one foot over the rail of the crib. Yikes!

Last night was no different except I was told not to bring her back into our room (because she has a tendency to pull my wife’s hair when she is trying to sleep). So, I sat with my daughter in a chair in her room for an hour (until about 3:30 AM). Every time she would fall asleep I would attempt to put her in the crib and she would wake up crying (I thought we were past this!). Finally, I had her rest her head on a pillow I had on the floor (in case she jumped out of the crib) and she fell into a deep sleep and I was able to go back to bed. Anyhow, it’s amazing what we will do for those we love, huh?

The potty training is going OK. My wife made a chart with the days of the week listed and every time my daughter uses the potty, she gets to put a sticker on the chart. She loves this. My dad asked if the stickers were color coded yellow and brown, but that’s just gross 🙂

As far as writing goes, even though I was still angry, I submitted a Chapter 3 for that writer generated story with my local newspaper. I’ll post my entry here soon. Also, I will be finishing that vampire story of mine this week as well. I will try my hardest to not let it be a letdown (that’s my biggest fear).

9 thoughts on “A Funny Little Guy

  1. yeah, those color-coded stickers made my gloomy day, too. Say hello to your Dad! He’s the ‘funny little guy’ I suppose ;-P

    Here in Hungary when kids are able to climb over the rails, one or two sticks are removed from the crib so that the kid does not HAVE TO climb, risking falling out.
    I know it’s basically the end of freedom for parents….
    and a new door to freedom to the kid…

  2. Oh my goodness, it all came flooding back – all those sleepless nights! Just wait until she is in her own bed…
    My oldest son used to pile into bed with us and we would take him back (over and over until one of us gave in – usually us parents) or worse he would sneak in and we would wake in the morning with us clinging to the edge of the bed and him spread eagled, head on me, feet on my husband.
    It only stopped when his little brother came along and he loved sleeping in the same room as him so he stayed put 🙂

  3. I love that power-puff girl’s episode.

    I am of no help, my son never slept in his crib. I tried and tried, and he cried and cried, so he slept always by my side. Because it was easier at the time. Clearly I was never good at the letting him cry it out thing, but I give you credit, I would not have been good at the getting up in the middle of the night, and staying awake for an hour to keep him company in his room either.

    Oh and I find with kids it takes a long time to be past anything, two steps forward then one step back, but it isn’t really a step back, it is just part of the process developmentally of moving forward. (like at 11 my son has fears at night he didn’t have at age 10, because now he understands and thinks about certain things more).

  4. Kiko still goes through phases of crying in the middle of the night (we’re currently going through 5am waking and bawling the place down, I suppose it’s better than 2.30 but I’d much prefer 8!) I can’t work out why he does it, and nothing I do to “fix” it seems to work either. Normally if we wait a week he’s back into a better pattern.

    Toilet training has gone by the board around here! I had thought about giving him stickers, but, to be honest, I doubt if he would understand the concept yet. I had this big debate with myself whether I should bribe him with sweets but that has the potential to backfire (Kiko goes around with a potty clamped to his bum demanding chocolate 24 hours a day until he’s 21). So I’m just going to wait for a while.

    Your daughter is so cute. Isn’t it funny when they come out with these grown-up sounding phrases? Just now I called Kiko a scamp and he fired back at me: “Scamp MUMMY!” That’s me told… He’s nicknamed one of his teddies Scamp Teddy, I gather it is the naughty one.

  5. At thirteen months, my son started escaping from his crib. He never made a sound, but would go about the house taking things apart. He watched his dad repair the dishwasher and that night, he took it apart. He once took all the screws out of the living room furniture. I put my feet on the coffee table and the top slid off. We had to hide screwdrivers.

    I stopped sleeping. I was terrified. One night, I woke, wandered through the dark house only to end up diving across the room to snatch him. He was sticking a screwdriver into an outlet–after prying off the safety cover.

    The next day, the hubby and I pondered this situation. One of us hid in his room to see how he was getting out because he wouldn’t do it while we were in there. He was removing his socks and using his bare feet and his hands to get up the wooden slats and down the other side. 13 months.

    We modified his bed four times before finding a solution. When his grandmother complained that it looked like a cage, I told her to spend one night with him. Just one. We had easy access, but he couldn’t get out. I actually hid in his room and watched him silently work the situation before realizing we’d won. 😉

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