Where I was Yesterday

Sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday. I was no where around a computer, so it was hard to post to the blog :). What I did get to do was attend my daughter’s doctor visit with my wife, as well as spend some quality free time with the both of them. The doctor’s appointment went well, though I am very glad I was there because my daughter had a rough time because she was hungry and tired. Normally, she is an extremely pleasant baby, but there she was really crying. I don’t think my wife could have dealt with that on her own. I know I couldn’t.

The interesting part was my daughter’s measurements. She is now 55th percentile for weight, and 90th percentile for height and head circumference. I don’t spend nights worrying about these percentiles, but it does reinforce what we have been thinking: we have a tall baby. This is surprising, since neither her mom or myself are very tall. If my daughter makes it to 5’5″ I think that will be an accomplishment.

Anyhow, that is where I was yesterday. I leave you with a picture of my daughter we did for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Where I was Yesterday

  1. That is the cutest picture I have ever seen. She’s not only a tall baby, she’s a very beautiful one. And look at those diddle hands!

    I find Kiko is never at his best at the doctor’s either (apart from when we go to my GP – he shows off to her to the max). The last time I took him to the paediatrician we had to wait for over an hour, by which time he was past it and kept crying. The paediatrician said: “I can tell he’s a clingy baby.” But the opposite is true! I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t at his best but it’s always good news to hear that they’re doing OK.

  2. Thanks Helen. My heart melted when my wife first showed me this picture. They caught the little one in a good mood, right after a nap.

    A 1 hour wait at the doctor’s office would be horrible. We usually don’t have to wait at all, but the last time we went (mentioned above) we had to wait a half hour.

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