Stats and Gaiman

Well, I’ve had a pretty successful day as far as Blog Stats goes, at least on the surface. I’ve already had 150+ visits today, which is about 3 times my normal. I wish it was due to something brilliant I wrote or something like that. Instead, it’s due to 114 views for the post I made a few years ago about the “Death of Garfield“. This post has been a constant hit source for me, which I find amusing. Posts like this usually don’t translate into return visitors. 150+ visits today and 1 comment. Oh well.

I have added some links to my writing on the “Death of Garfield” post, just in case someone gets curious.

Oh, make sure to stop by Neil Gaiman’s Journal, as he has been linking to a bunch of Stardust movie related stuff. Also on his site is the first chapter of the audio version of Stardust, read by Gaiman himself: link to mp3 of chapter 1 of Stardust.

A while back he said that his tagline for the movie would’ve been “Stardust. It’s not a sequel to anything.” I like that.

4 thoughts on “Stats and Gaiman

  1. Sort of unrelated, but my favourite Gaiman reading is the one at the beginning of this file. It’s just great.

    [audio src="" /]

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