Got Our Money’s Worth

Thanks everyone for the comments about the baby’s first picture. I’ll respond Tuesday when we’re home.

We just got back from the $10 breakfast at the hotel. I tried to eat my money’s worth in sausage and bacon. We also may or may not have scored a few little boxes of cereal and a banana for tomorrow’s breakfast. I’m not telling.

Next, we’re off to the family reunion. Luckily it’s only six miles away, which is much better than the 400 miles we drove yesterday. Yep, it cost a bunch in gas. I think my credit card is gonna catch on fire.

More tonight if I have energy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Got Our Money’s Worth

  1. Have fun at the reunion. I have quite a few road trips to make next month, so between gas and ferry fares, I may have to start begging for spare change.

  2. I hope the reunion went well.

    I love hotel breakfasts but never feel as if I do them justice, the same with all-you-can-eat buffets. Heh, you know I used to work in a hotel serving breakfast and you would not believe some of the things I saw, some guests would make packed lunches from the stuff on the buffet. They would do it in secret under the table but I actually thought: “Good on them,” because little did they know, we had to throw away all the leftovers and couldn’t even eat any of it ourselves. It was such a waste.

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