100,000 Hits – On Stats,Readers, and Looking Back

This here little blog hit the 100,000 hit mark sometime last night. I know some blogs get that many views in a month, but I’m still proud of my milestone.

The blog has been around since January of 2006. Here is that awesome first post from January 15, 2006. I really had no idea what I was doing or what I wanted to say. I had a total of 8,217 hits that entire first year.

Things have been trending upward since. 35,554 people viewed this blog in 2007 and 51,222 viewed it in 2008. I hope even more people will read and comment here this year. It’s looking good thus far.

My most viewed post of all time is still the Death of Garfield post. 10,000 views that one has received. Another one that receives a ton of views, and one I’m quite proud of, is my Halloween short story Frank.

There have been the bad days, the days when I posted “I don’t know why I’m blogging here and I may take a break for a while” for whatever reason. Each time I found something interesting to post the very next day. The bug always comes back.

I don’t know why I started a blog in the first place. I’m not a particularly introspective person, nor do I have a huge desire to “be heard”. Whatever reason, I’m glad I did. Because of all of you.

Thanks to everybody who reads my posts everyday or every once in a while. Extra thanks to those of you who take the time to leave comments. The comments are truly what keep me going.

Maybe someday I’ll publish that novel, and this site will start getting those 100,000 hits a month. Maybe not. Either way, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the ride.

15 thoughts on “100,000 Hits – On Stats,Readers, and Looking Back

  1. Congratulations on your milestone hits!

    I don’t know why I blog either. I think it’s because writing is my passion, and I haven’t learned how to turn it off. My blog keeps me from covering my office walls with post-its.

  2. Paul: I know exactly how you feel, even though I have no idea how many hits my site’s had in total since its conception in Oct. 07, and I’ve had periods of inactivity and no inspiration, only to suddenly come back strong. But as you said, no matter what, it’s the readers and the comments that keep you going, that make you the most grateful.

    Congratulations on doing so well, and on writing a blog (and stories) that keep people coming back for more!

  3. Hey, Paul. Congratulations, son. This is really neat and we always knew you could do it. We love reading your blogs. Your best fans.

  4. Heartiest congratulations! That IS, indeed, an accomplishment. I think it is great that you didn’t have a particular plan but just started writing. s a writing teacher that makes sense to ME! πŸ™‚ Writing helps us think stuff through. I’l bet this blog has helped you in ways you don’t even perceive. In any case, it has been a good source of entertainment and inspiration for me!

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