Stan Lee Reads Poe’s The Raven

First of all, Happy Halloween.  I’m currently typing this while dressed as a Mummy.  Not very original, but very cheap to pull off.  Maybe I’ll post some pictures.  If you’re nice.

Secondly, in honor of Halloween, I wanted to post a link to Stan Lee (of Marvel Comics fame) reading Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. FYI The Raven is my favorite poem of all time.

Third, I’ve been averaging 300 views here a day for the past week or so.  That’s mostly fueled by my story Frank, a cute little Halloween story I wrote a few years ago.  If you haven’t read that, why not give it a try?

Well, that’s all for now.  Have a Happy Halloween!  I’m off to eat some brains, or maybe a doughnut.

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